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No offers for the moment.

PhD offer

MIPS Research Lab’s MIAM team is seeking applications to fill a Ph.D. position entitled "Développement d architectures de commande sûres pour un véhicule terrestre autonome".
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MIPS Research Lab’s MIAM team is seeking applications to fill a Ph.D. position entitled "Navigation sûre d’un véhicule autonome terrestre dans un environnement partagé et contraint".
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No offers for the moment.


Last update 12/03/2021

23 Janvier 2018

Science on tourne : Le véhicule autonome
« Science on tourne ! » are online conferences dedicated to scholar by researchers scientist on their local workplace.

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19 Septembre 2017

Simpha ouvre la Semaine de la Mobilité à Mulhouse
A news report form the Pôle véhicule du futur.

More : Reportage Pôle véhicule du futur

09 May 2017

Le projet SIMPHA: reportage M+ website
M+ website news report about the SIMPHA project.

More : Reportage M+

27 April 2017

Le projet SIMPHA: reportage Alsace 20
Alsace 20 news report about the SIMPHA project.

More : Alsace 20 News

5 April 2017

Le projet SIMPHA: reportage France 3
France 3 national news report about the SIMPHA project.

More : France 3 Innovation News

31 March 2017

Le projet SIMPHA: reportage France 3
France 3 regional news report about the SIMPHA project.

More : France 3 Haut Rhin News

24 March 2017

Présentation du projet SIMPHA
Presentation of the SIMPHA project for l'Alsace.

More : Article Alsace

23 March 2017

Une voiture autonome en test à Mulhouse
Real test were conducted in Mulhouse city for the SIMPHA project.

More : Article on L'ALSACE website

7/8 December 2016

GdR MACS Groupe de Travail Automatique et Automobile
MIPS Laboratory host the work group on the 7th and 8th december 2016 in Mulhouse.

More : Site GTAA

15 September 2016

Presentation of the MIPS laboratory
Video of the MIPS laboratory by UHA.


More : Vidéo UHA

9 November 2015

Safety in autonomous vehicle
Video of the INOVE project.

More : Article Alsace

13 May 2015

Autonomous vehicle in Mulhouse
Alsace has made a paper on the autonomous vehicle of the MIPS.

Photo autour du véhicule autonome ARTEMIPS

More : Article Alsace

7 May 2015

Itinéraire bis - Public Sénat
Works of the MIPS laboratory on autonomous vehicle have been presented on channel Public Senat.


More : ItinéraireBis

11 March 2014

CESER visit (Conseil Économique, Social et Environnemental Régional)
Presentation of the MIAM team research.

Photo du CESER autour de ARTEMIPS

More : Article Région Alsace (page 15)

22 February 2014

Yesterday's cars are going to drive beside of future vehicle
On February 21, the University of Haute-Alsace signed a convention with the Cité de l'Automobile of Mulhouse. This allows yesterday's and future's vehicles to drive together on the museum autodrome.

For more : Article Alsace

18 February 2014

Visit of the rector Gougeon in Mulhouse
Jacques-Pierre Gougeon has tried the ARTEMIPS test vehicle that prefigures the autonomous and intelligent car developed at Mulhouse.

For more : Article Alsace, Article DNA

31 December 2013

Pôle Véhicule du Futur : the corporate movie
In the Pôle Véhicule du Futur corporate movie, our research work on autonomous vehicle are presented. You can watch the movie on our test vehicle realized by Lumino Studio : NADINE.

See the corporate movie : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x188kny_pole-vehicule-du-futur-le-film-corporate_auto

17 December 2013

Eco-friendly and safe vehicles
What do we expect from tommorow's vehicle? Besided being more practical, stylish and comfortable, its main aims are to be : safer and more eco-friendly. However, how to reach these objectives? A solution can be found in the progress of Control and Signal processing theories.

For more : http://interstices.info/vehicules-surs-propres

2 October 2013

We are proud to annonce the "Mobilities" workshop which will take place the October 2, 2013, at ENSISA, Mulhouse. For more information, please consult the event webpage at: http://www.miam.mips.uha.fr/events/sem-mob-2013/.

12 February 2013

As every two years, the “Vehicle Dynamics” technical section of the SIA is organizing its International Conference on Vehicle Dynamics. This year, the congress is organized in partnership with the «Pôle Véhicule du Futur» and UHA. The next event will be focused on safety in terms of performances and benefits, technical questions related to alternative power(traction control, power management during braking), and their influence on vehicle dynamic driving pleasure, breaking and comfort. All these topics can be addressed for light or heavy vehicles. Do not miss this unique International Conference which will gather, as it is always the case, the main experts in Vehicle Dynamics in the pleasant and prestigious place of the «Campus Fonderie» in Mulhouse.

For more : http://www.sia.fr/evenement_detail_dynamique_vehicule_1175.htm

27 Septembre 2012

Pour ses recherches dans le domaine de l’automatique appliquée à l’automobile, le laboratoire MIPS de l’Ensisa / Université de Haute-Alsace a acquis une reconnaissance internationale. En outre, depuis un peu moins de dix ans maintenant, ses centres d’intérêt touchent également le domaine de l’aéronautique.

For more : http://fr.alsace-cahr.com/universite-de-haute-alsace-ensisa-503.php